On the grapevine……from the Topshop bash and London Fashion Week!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 27th, 2009

*Amber Le Bon is a girl on the edge of modelling super stardom. As well as being tipped as one of the new wave of super models the young daughter of Duran Duran singer Simon and his model wife Yasmin revealed she’s far from the wild of an evening. Speaking at the exclusive Mulberry bash at Claridges Amber said: “I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I never tumble of a nightclubs because I’m sober every time. I’d hate to be put in that bracket of being some party girl.” Good girl!

*Simon Cowell told me at the fabulous Topshop party that he’s rooting for the boys this year on X Factor. He revealed: “It’s all about the boys. They are strong this year and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be another year where the girls take the crown at the end of the series. I must admit I wouldn’t want to be looking after the groups. In my opinion it’s not a strong year for them.”
Simon also spoke about Leona Lewis’s huge second album Echo that gets released on November 16. The X Factor boos says he’s impressed with her new music and her new sexy image. “Leona’s really found herself and she’s come back with music and an attitude that’s so much more self assured,” Simon said. “She’s got more to say and she’s truly happy with everything right now. And you can tell that when you speak to her.” Indeed you can, Si!

*I rubbed up against Kate Moss at the front of an A-List crowd including Vivienne Westwood, Natalia Vodianova, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and Sir Phillip Green as Bryan Ferry performed an amazing set at the Topshop bash at The Ivy Club in Covent Garden. Despite reports to the contrary Kate actually looked fab up close. Word at the fashion bash was that Kate had spent a week at a yoga retreat in Thailand prior to her appearance at London Fashion Week. The healthy living clearly paid off!

*Naomi Campbell may look like she’s effortlessly made up but it was a whole different situation when she got into the loo at the Topshop bash. My spy in the bathroom revealed: ” Naomi had this huge make-up kit that she lay out across the sink and she spent a good ten minutes touching up before she’d head outside into th paparazzi throng to leave.” Clever girl!

*Sienna Miller must have been in jet lag hell when she flew in for her critically acclaimed Twenty8Twelve show. The blonde – currently appearing on Broadway in After Miss Julie – flew in on the day for her show at London Fashion Week. The starlet managed to squeeze in an intimate dinner with her boyfriend George Barker before jetting straight back to New York that same very evening.

*Lady Victoria Hervey
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