Whitney Port's NOT dating Freddie Fackelmayer – Brit star Louise Roe is…..

Posted by Dean Piper On September 20th, 2009

Male fans of The City – the huge New York sister show of The Hills – will be thrilled to hear the show’s hot star Whitney Port is officially single despite her rumoured dalliance with the shows hottest stud Freddie Fackelmayer.
But ladies, its my sad duty to report steaming hot hunk Freddie has been happily enjoying dates with rising Brit TV host Louise Roe. I spied the pair enjoying drinks alongside Courtney Love at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Box bash this week. Freddie told me: “We’re dating and its nice. She’s adorable.” Indeed!

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  1. Samatha Says:

    Hi, I know Freddie and I think he is fabulous. If U knew that he holds down a demanding FULL TIME, very serious job and fell in to this through his brother Harry ( Harrison) who is in central Europe. Do you know he has several projects going as well as a full time job. I have never known a guy who works 24/7 and yet can relax once in while by surfing. He is a certified deep sea scuba diver. He has done ecological work in British Honduras, and Fiji. He learnt to navigate night dives with his friend. He can free dive in deep sea dive. Loves diving among sharks or whales and is really at home on or in the water. Last Christmas, Freddie went to Mexico, by himself, to have some true alone time. He had a back pack and the essentials. He took local buses until he got far enough away he stopped off at a tiny poor village. Then he was happy. He got supplies, a stray dog followed him. Through dark folliage.. until Freddie found the deserted beach he was hoping for. If you want to hear more.. Let me know

  2. Shu Sedlachek Says:

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