On The Grapevine – from the VH1 Divas red carpet!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 20th, 2009

*The Hills star Lauren Conrad managed to conjure up her inner Diva on the red carpet when her diamond bracelet became attached to her sequined mini dress. She barked at her assistant: “I’m like attached – do something.” Step forward panicking assistant who managed to detach the star from her dress!

*Funny lady Kathy Griffin tells me she’s impressed with UK star Ricky Gervais shaping up and slimming down now he’s a US star. The E! Entertainment star told me: “Ricky’s always been like my chubby little boy friend for years but now he’s getting buff. I’ll tell you one thing – he has the biggest house I’ve ever seen in LA.” Sounds like Ricky’s officially made it!

*Ever wondered how soul diva India Arie looks so good on stage? Well the star, who duetted with Adele at the gig, is uber glam thanks to her mother! She revealed: “My mum makes all my clothes. She designs them all. I love the fact she’s in charge of my outfits and I’m proud of her.” Nice one!

*Toni Braxton is on the comeback trail with a brand new studio album – and she told me she’s hoping to emulate the success of Whitney Houston with her new material. She said: “This is the year of the comeback for Whitney, Britney, me and the rest of them. I’m just excited to be back with new material.” She also tells me she’s been inspired by her Spice Girl pal Mel B and has been working out like a mad girl. “ I’m doing cardio sessions six times a week to stay the way I am,” she said. “But I’m far from as ripped as Mel right now.”

*Miley Cyrus went braless and wore a short dress with fishnets for the red carpet at Divas. The 16-year-old star managed to cover up for the performance on the night though when she duetted with Sheryl Crow on If It Makes You Happy. But is Miley a Diva? She says no and told me: “I just like quotes – people make me out to be something I’m not. I’m touring right now and the only Diva is my brother. He’s much more trouble than I am.”

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