Mariah Carey was brilliant on the Oprah Winfrey Show – and I was there!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 20th, 2009

Finally. I’m back on side with Mariah Carey after she invited me down to watch her perform her new single I Want To Know What Love Is at the Oprah Winfrey show in Central Park this week. Mariah killed it with a blistering live performance – and she wasn’t miming peeps! Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon were jointly interviewed by Oprah and Nick revealed he’d had a crush on her for year’s before than eventually met. Nick said: “People would ask me who my celebrity crush was and they didn’t even think I could meet her. And then we met back at the Teen Choice Awards one year and I  went up to her and was like give me a chance. Right now I wake up feeling like a luckiest most blessed man to be with her.” Sweeeet.

Mariah played up to her Diva-like image on the show and declared her favourite colour: “Pink, yet Lavender”. And guess what colour her engagement ring is – you guessed it – pink yet lavender. Only Mariah can get away with creating  brand new colour! She’s one hell of a true Diva!

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