Joss Stone doesn't know who Cheryl Cole is! Erm – has she been living on the moon???!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 13th, 2009

Joss Stone is beautiful, talented and never shies away from controversy. But I fear she’s also been living in a cave for some two years now – because I can reveal that Joss has never ever heard of the Nation’s Sweetheart, Cheryl Cole.

I caught up with Joss at the O2 Rockwell concert on Friday to benefit the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy charity and the conversation swerved to the X Factor and the the subject of Cheryl – and our conversation went like this….

What do you think of Cheryl Cole on X Factor?
Cheryl, who?
Erm, Cheryl Cole?
Erm, what does she do on the show? I don’t have a television and I don’t know who she is?
She’s pretty much the nation’s sweetheart.
Oh really? Why?
Because she’s on the show and everyone loves her!
Oh OK, well I wouldn’t want to be judging people. Everybody’s different and you shouldn’t be judging people against each other like that.

It’s not as if Joss has been living in America for the past few years – she’s been in Devon and hardly ventured out of the country! Bonkers!

Anyway, the songstress also spoke to me about the outcry over her American style accent that first peeped it’s head out at the 2007 Brit Awards when she presented an award with Robbie Williams. She certainly didn’t have a twang of the yankee accent that bothered the British public so much when it was exposed in front of millions – she was elegantly British when we chatted! Joss, who releases her eagerly awaited fourth album Colour Me Free in October, told me: “You have to just say so what if people slag you off in this game. If people don’t like me then what can I do? I’m a nice person and I know that and the people that matter know that. The American accent sometimes comes in and sometimes it’s not there at all. Big deal. I sing songs and sometimes I’m in America and sometimes you pick up a twang.

“I spend almost all my time in Devon and live in the house that I always grew up in. I play in fields and eat clotted cream. I make scones, I drink ale and cider. I’m a Devon girl. You can’t care that much because if people are not going to like you then what can you do? They can diss me all they want – but if they diss my music then I’d get the hump. Fortunately they never slag off my music so I will talk however the fuck I want to talk.”

I have no idea if she’s been a nightmare in the past – but when we met she was polite, pretty and a joy to talk to. Even if she’s deluded enough not to know who Chezza is!

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  1. Patricia R. Says:

    Leave Joss Stone alone. She is a wonderful singer. She did a great job in her TV-role on the Tudor’s this season(she should start watching the tele.) I’m from America and I know who Joss Stone is, but I don’t know who Sheryl Cole is.
    Who is this Sheryl?

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