All the gossip from the GQ Awards… was a fabulous event!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 13th, 2009

*Alexandra Burke turned on the Sex Factor at GQ with a sheer Pucci dress. And I had a ball catching up with her at the swanky party at the Royal Opera House. She told me she’s preparing to go up against Cheryl Cole in the battle for a number one album after it was revealed both ladies will debut their efforts on the same date. Alexandra told me: “It’s not fully confirmed that we are up against each other. But she’s my Chezza at the end of the day. I’ll go out and buy hers and she’ll go out and buy mine. So if neither of us sell anymore copies then at least we shift one each! It’s all friendly competition and I wish her well with her album.”
She told me she’s made a conscious effort to dress sexy at the bash too. “I’ve always been a sexy girl,” she laughed. “So it’s great to be able to minx around at a bash like this.” Dizzee Rascal certainly looked like he appreciated her curves – Alexandra was desperate to meet him and was “overwhelmed” when they met at the event. What a bonkers pair they’d make!

*Rachel Stevens has a bizarre take on her new hubby Alex Bourne. She said: “He’s hilarious and like my gay best friend and a husband all in one. He tells me what looks good with what when I get dressed. He actually sits in the bedroom and says yes or no. I’ve got an all in one hubby and gay bestie.”
The former S Clubber also had wise words for Natalie Cassidy when she’s partnered up with flirty Vincent Simone on the new series of Strictly. Rach added: “He is a ridiculous flirt and no offence to Natalie but he’ll snog anything that moves.” Ouch!

*Alan Carr left the bash early after arriving with his ‘date’ for the night, David Walliams. His reason for an early exit? He wanted to avoid making a tit of himself on the grog. He told me: “I hate seeing pictures of me with my glasses scoo whiff, spinach in my teeth and looking like I’ve wet myself.” Wise move Mister!

*You have to appreciate Mickey Rourke’s sense of humour. I asked him at the GQ bash how his blossoming liason with 24-year-old model Elena was going. He smirked: “She’s amazing -but she has to go back to school tomorrow so I’m making the most of her tonight.”

*Kelly Osbourne’s getting fighting fit for her appearance on US Strictly show Dancing with the Stars. She tells me: “My partner on the show is getting me fit. I’m eating well, training long hours and I’ve even taken up pilates. Being on the show’s working wonders for my figure.”
But Kel, who’s just released her autobiography Fierce, has been havign one hell of a hair nightmare. She revealed: “My hair’s f***ed from dying it all the time. The bleach I had done last time ruined it so I’m having to wait to get it sorted out. I’m hoping it gets sorted before the start of the series in two weeks.”

*Quote of the night went to GQ host James Nesbitt when he kissed sexy Kelly Brook on stage at the event. After the pair’s showbiz air kiss James quipped: “Eeeewww, I just got a whiff of fish pie then.” Kelly looked mortified!

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