Leah Wood, Jenny Frost and Tina Hobley step out to support Bugaboo's partnership with (RED)

Posted by Dean Piper On September 12th, 2009

Leah Wood Bugaboo (RED) 3

Leah Wood hosted the Bugaboo and (RED) afternoon tea in central London this week to launch the new partnership between the two companies which sees 1% of Bugaboo’s total revenue being donated to the (RED) Global Chairty Fund.

The (RED) Global Fund is an amazing charity that you may have heard off through their previous partnerships with companies including Gap. The money raised from (RED) partnerships – like the Bugaboo prams one – helps to fund AIDS programs in Africa with the emphasis on helping with the health of the women and children suffering from the disease.

Fran Cutler
The event was star studded too – with Holby City star Tina Hobley, Fran Cutler (above), socialite Tamara Beckwith and former Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost (below) turning out for the tea and cakes!

Jenny Frost Bugaboo
I had a lovely chat with Leah Wood and we spoke about her mother Jo Wood (who’s currently divorcing Rolling Stone star Ronnie) and how she’s getting along taking part in rehearsals for Strictly Come Dancing.

Here’s how our conversation went!

What happened with your mum when she burst into tears on the street after Strictly training last weekend?
She was doing the group dance and its difficult and obviously things can get the better of you. I actually haven’t met Brendan yet but I’ve heard he’s nice – possibly a bit of a task master but that’s fine.
She’s going to be fine competing on the show I think. I was totally jealous when she told me about signing to appear.

Is Jo as excited as she looks about being on Strictly Come Dancing?
She comes home from rehearsals every day and show me what moves she has learned. She’s learning all the time. I’d love her to get to the final three but who knows. I will be there on and off throughout the time she is in the show. She definitely wants to get to the final three – she’s set herself that goal.

Being on Strictly she’s bound to have male admirers – how do you feel about that?
Obviously being on this show with give her male attention and that’s fine by me. I’d love her to meet somebody but to be honest she’s so busy with strictly she doesn’t have time for a man right now. She deserves it so much. She’s still finding her feet with being single.

What will you do if she gets picked on during the show?

If Brendan misbehaves ill get one of those toy guns with a fist on and punch him in the head! And those judges had better be nice to her or I’ll be heckling them. I won’t take that!

For more information on the Bugaboo and (RED) partnership log onto www.bugaboo.com.

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