Madonna 'makes up' with her estranged brother Chris for the sake of the Ciccone family…..

Posted by Dean Piper On September 7th, 2009

It was the ultimate betrayal when Christopher Ciccone decided to write a tell-all book about his superstar sister Madonna.
But it seems that time can truly be a healer, because I can reveal the Queen of Pop is making an effort to reconcile with her estranged brother for the sake of the Ciconne family.
Although the pair have yet to speak, Madonna has quietly reached out to Chris on email in an effort to try and repair their broken relationship. My source in the Madge camp reveals: “Madonna did it more for her family than for herself. Her feud with Chris was creating huge tension within the family so she decided to be the bigger person.
“At one point Madonna wanted all the family member to cut off Chris – but her father wasn’t willing to become embroiled in the row. So it’s been a nightmare ever since. She’s calmed down about the book situation and had time to think. She realised blood is thicker than water and has said she will meet with him later this year in Los Angeles.”
My sources tell me now that another main reason for the reconciliation is due to the departure of Madonna’s second husband Guy Ritchie. Chris blamed Guy for the breakdown of his relationship with Madge. I actually met with Chris in July 2008 and he didn’t beat around the bush when it came to Guy. He told me: “Our relationship broke down after Guy arrived. I think the combination of Madonna and mine’s closeness and the fact that I was gay made it worse.”
In his book, Life With My Sister Madonna, Chris claimed Guy and his male pals had taunted him with homophobic remarks on Guy’s stag do.
Chris will be over the moon now that the singer is back in touch. The pair have had a turbulent relationship for the past few years before the book too. He’s only met one of her children too – Lourdes. He’s still yet to meet Rocco and adopted children David and Mercy.
Looks like Chris had better get ready to play the uncle – for the very first time!

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