Joan Collins, Sharon Osbourne and Mel B to sign for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice in the US!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 7th, 2009

The next series of Celebrity Apprentice in the US has the makings of classic television. I can reveal former Dynasty star Joan Collins is in negotiations to join the Donald Trump on the show – that’s if they can afford her! A mole tells me: “It’s three months worth of work and although Joan’s agreed to sign for the series she’s not happy with the money. She says she’s worth more and knows people will watch her on it. So she’s holding out to see if they can bump up her cash.”
And two other Brit stars are close to signing for the series too – Sharon Osbourne has been offered the gig and is likely to sign and Spice Girl Mel B has been offered it too. Sounds awesome to me!

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