Icecool Diamond Jewellery is officially the way forward for me!

Posted by Dean Piper On August 17th, 2009


I had a rather nice surprise when the post arrived on Saturday. A brilliant company called Icecool biked over a pretty amazing gift!

The guys over there have made a pendant of my website and column logo. But it’s not some cheap piece of tat – the website frosted me big time with a beautiful handmade bespoke 9 carat yellow gold Dean Piper logo set with 54 individually cut diamonds. In fact there are almost 3 carats worth of sparklers.

You’ll be spotting me out and about wearing my bling with pride when I’m on the celeb circuit from now on! And check out how cool it is! Loves it.

Now, Icecool is a brilliant company because you go to them with an idea and they make exactly what you want. Their catchphrase is You Dream, We Create. So click here or log onto to find out more.

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  1. Tricia Says:

    Wow love it! ;-D

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