Partying in Ibiza with Mark Ronson, Florence and the Machine, Annie Mac and Pete Tong for Radio One's Ibiza Rocks weekend

Posted by Dean Piper On August 3rd, 2009


If you haven’t bought Florence and the Machine’s album Lungs yet then shame on you – it’s a corker. And Florence from the band put on a blinder of a performance at Radio One’s Ibiza Rocks event – performing You’ve Got The Love at sun down. After her set we talked style and the red head tells me she wouldn’t quite be able to emulate the fashion of Lady Gaga. “Gaga has great tits and a great ass and I don’t think I would be able to get away with anything like that,” she laughed. “A real style icon for me is Chloe Sevigny. To be honest with you I’m a high street girl by heart. During the day I wear t-shirts and grungy jeans. I’m lucky to have designers that make my stage outfits. But I’m not this glamorous creature. I can’t even walk like a model. I walk weirdly with a hunchback.” Ah, don’t be harsh on yourself Flo!

Mark Ronson (above with Florence) popped by the festivities to hang with Annie Mac and Florence and the Machine in Ibiza. Mark tells me he’s working hard on his next solo album. But he doesn’t know whether there will be a number of collaborations like his first effort. He said: “I’m writing the music right now so it’s on its way. I’m not sure whether we’ll be having guest singers on it yet. It would be nice to have a few. To be honest I’m just in awe of Florence and the Machine and would love to work with them.”

Radio One’s Annie Mac (above) is feeling the pressure to keep fit and healthy because fellow DJ Nick Grimshaw has upped his game with getting fit for the summer. She told me: “This week alone Nick’s done three bikram yoga session, two personal training sessions and he’s off dairy and sugar. I mean – that’s just out of control.” It certainly is!

The legend that is Pete Tong told me he’s loving Madonna’s latest effort to enter the club scene with the help from top DJ Paul Oakenfold on new single Celebrate. He said: nobody expected her to choose somebody like Oakenfold as her next producer but it’s worked. She’s continually pushing the limits and coming out with the unexpected. And it’s a good track.” I agree, Pete!


Vernon Kay had an amusing encounter with some flashers during his set at the Ibiza Rocks event. He told me: “I was on stage introducing Pete Tong before we went live and there were three guys on the roof of the Ibiza Rocks hotel with their willies out jangling around. It really put me off my stride. Two of them were fine and I thought good lads but the other one wasn’t quite so impressive. I felt like a real man compared – put it that way.” Too much info Vern!

Oh, and remember those insignificant Big Brother twins Samanda? Yes, I barely do either. Well, I was wildly amused to see them refuse to do pictures with ‘fans’ at the BBC Radio One Ibiza Rocks event. The girls had faces like they were chewing wasps and piling in chips during the rave set by Pete Tong. They needed to be ejected if you ask me!

If you want to check out video footage of the Radio One weekend online then click here!

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