On The Grapevine…..

Posted by Dean Piper On July 29th, 2009

*So how did Quentin Tarantino persuade Brad Pitt to take on a role in fab new film Inglorious Basterds, I hear you ask. Quentin tells me: “I went to his vineyard and we got through nine bottles of rose wine – they were laid out on the floor the morning after.” Sounds like a fun night to me!

*Peaches Geldof is taking her future as an actress seriously. The star’s been having private acting classes with a tutor during her recent trip to LA. Good on her!

*Dizzee Rascal is a, er, rascal if you ask me. I hear the Bonkers rapper was trying every trick in the book to flirt with pretty Rochelle from The Saturdays last week at T4 on the beach.

*Jordan appears to have found a new power gay to hang out with. The frozen-faced model was hanging out with George Michael’s boy toy Kenny Goss at Balans in Soho last week.

*So people can find happiness after a split. It turns out beautiful model Caprice has settled with a new man – businessman Juan Bacardi. Meanwhile her ex John Hitchcox is happily in love with society queen Alexandra Spencer-Churchill. Happy times.

*I’m always being asked to plug new artists – and I rarely do. But I’m liking a few new acts. Check out the fabulous Girls Can’t Catch -classic girl band pop. And new Killers style band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. They were great when I saw them recently!

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