James Nesbitt plays dead for Just Jack's new track The Day I Died

Posted by Dean Piper On July 29th, 2009

Just Jack is onto a winner with his new single The Day I Died. Elton John helped Jack out by casting his pal James Nesbitt in the video for the song. The Cold Feet star plays dead in one scene. Jack tells me he was thrilled to have help from Uncle Elton. He revealed: “Since I started out Elton John has always been supportive of my music and we’ve remained friends since. When he heard the track he said he knew the perfect guest star. A few phonecalls later and my newly appointed casting director got James Nesbitt involved.” And Jack says he’d love to return the favour by covering one of Elton’s songs. He added: “I’m a massive fan of Rocket Man, maybe I could add it to my set and give it a Just Jack twist.”

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