Catching up with Shakira as she puts the final touches to her She Wolf album!

Posted by Dean Piper On July 14th, 2009


Latino lovely Shakira invited me down to her recording studio in Notting Hill this week to listen to five tracks from her eagerly awaited album, She Wolf.

And boy oh boy is she onto a winner – I heard five songs and all of them were potential singles. She moans and groans (and even howls) throughout the songs – some of which have been produced by Pharrell Williams.

We talked about her famous curves after the playback and she told me how she stays in shape. Shakira revealed: “When I’m not promoting or performing I let things go like normal. But I’ve been doing fifteen minutes of sit-ups a day and working out pretty much every day for an hour too. And instead of eating fried stuff and cakes and things I’m having to be super good again. It doesn’t take long to get your body back into shape though – two weeks tops!” I wish it was the same for us mere mortals!

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