What I learnt at Glastonbury 2009!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 28th, 2009


Joe Strummer’s daughter Jazz is a nice girl…..

Eating’s cheating…..

Lisa Moorish’s children Molly and Astile (the father’s are Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty) are so polite, well brought up and damn cute.

Kate Moss didn’t show – supposedly because she didn’t want to run into Pete Doherty after his performance…..

Jade Jagger camps in a tent and doesn’t stay in a winnebago….

Badly Drawn Boy has completely grey hair now…..

Lady Gaga and Lily Allen are officially fantastic live…..

Poor Fran Cutler’s fashion sense doesn’t improve at a festival….

Prince Harry’s rumoured fling Caroline Flack is like a cute little pixie!

Tommy Reilly – who performed in the Orange Chill and Charge tent – has a great little voice…..

There’s a new band called Ou Est Le Swimming Pool who are fantastic – like a dirtier version of the Killers……

Alfie Allen’s a little porkier nowadays…..

Apprentice star Simon James Ambrose has an incredibly expensive sunglasses obsession…..

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