Talking to the Geldof Sisters at Glastonbury!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 28th, 2009


Quote of the festival goes to Pixie Geldof: “Last night was very interesting, let’s just say I woke up on a picnic bench.”

But she wouldn’t elaborate and instead talked festival fashion with me backstage in the Orange VIP area.

Whereas at previous festivals Pixie has worn an array of fancy-dress wigs, this year she turned up with only one – but not for the want of trying.

Pixie told me: “This year I’ve only one wig – shock horror. I tried to find more after losing all my wigs at last year’s festival, but I didn’t manage to find one I liked. The wig does help with not being recognised, now and again.”

Meanwhile, sister Peaches has been trying out some posing tips from her bosom buddy Paris Hilton. The rock offspring told me: “It’s all about the hand on the hip and a look that says it all.”

‘Nuff said

PS. Sorry abou the blurry picture! It was wild down there!

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