On The Grapevine……

Posted by Dean Piper On June 22nd, 2009

*Jenny Frost had choice words about the rumoured Atomic Kitten “reunion” at the Bruno premiere this week. Asked about re-forming she said: “I read about it in the paper – but I’d rather eat my own kidney with a spoon!”

*Who had the X Factor in Nice this week? I hear couples Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith and Cheryl Cole and hubby Ashley both enjoyed a break in the South of France separately. Just because you work together doesn’t mean you have to play together.

*Is there something Steve Jones isn’t telling us? I only ask because numerous sources tell me the T4 bike has been mouthing off that he’s leaving the Channel 4 show for “bigger ventures”. Get him!

*Dave Berry, Rick Edwards and the adorable Sarah Cawood turned out to watch a screening of Ghostbusters – which is 25 years old! To celebrate, the flick is now re-mastered on Blu-Ray and on sale now!

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