Hanging with superstar DJ David Guetta and Kelly Rowland in Ibiza

Posted by Dean Piper On June 15th, 2009


I was thrilled when top DJ David Guetta and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child helped me celebrate my birthday at Ibiza super club Pacha last week.

I flew out to catch up with the pair as they performed their new dance track When Love Takes Over for thousands of fans on the White Isle. The tune reached the top of the iTunes charts just 24 hours after release and is all set for a No.1 this weekend (It’s out now peeps – so go buy it!).

Amazingly Kelly flew into Ibiza from Jamaica purely to perform When Love Takes Over – she stayed for a matter of hours before flying out of the party capital and back to Miami where she’s filming a new TV series. She revealed: “It was worth the long trip. When I started working with david on this track it was all about me pushing myself musically.

“It’s a new direction for me and I love the song. It’s uplifting and a real anthem. I definitely want to explore this style of music more in the future. The collaboration because I heard him playing in Cannes last year and the instrumental for When Love Takes Over came on and I fell in love with it. It was just an interlude then – and we went away and wrote the lyrics and track was born.

“I remember that night clearly – I was wearing very uncomfortable five inch heels and couldn’t stand up much but when I heard David play that I got up and there was no pain. I actually cried when I heard it finished first time.”

Charming Kelly also told me she was ecstatic to hear that old band mate Beyonce Knowles performed with George Michael recently. “Oh my God it sounded amazing,” she enthused. “That’s two incredible voices coming together. I wish I could have seen it. I’ve been a huge George Michael fan for years – he’s an icon. I’m sure Beyonce was so excited to be singing with him too.” Kelly also revealed she’s working on a brand new album that will hopefully drop early next year……

Meanwhile I spent some time with David Guetta at the fabulous beach side restaurant The Blue Marlin the day after his set and I found out exactly what he’s up to!

Hi David, you must be thrilled with the success of When Love Takes Over?

I’m beyond thrilled the song is going down as well as this. It’s quite likely it’ll be my biggest hit to date. Working with Kelly was a real pleasure too – she has an amazing voice and with this track it was all about taking her into a completely different direction musically. She’s always stuck to her R+B and lived somewhat in the shadow of Beyonce but she’s a great singer herself and I think she’s bigger than Beyonce, personally.

Will you ever grow tired of DJing and all the super late nights?

No, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the late nights at all. I’ll still be doing this when I’m 80. Inside I actually feel like a teenager still and I’m still developing all the time. The future for me is going to be incredibly exciting.

You’ve worked with some amazing names on your latest album – tell me about it.

It’s been amazing to collaborate with such good names on this album. I’m just flying back to London to finish a track with Ne-Yo and I’ve also collaborated with Akon on a track called Sexy Bitch and Estelle’s laid down a track too.

Is there anybody else you’d like to work with in the future?

There’s only one person I’d really love to work with and that’s Madonna. I grew up when she started playing her tracks like Everybody in clubs and I still think she’s a real star of the music scene. She’s always pushing herself and dance music is where she needs to stay. Her last album wasn’t my favourite but she’s still the one person I’d love the pleasure of working with.

For more information on David Guetta click here.

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