Enrique Iglesias doesn't sound ready for marriage to Anna Kournikova!

Posted by Dean Piper On June 15th, 2009

Anna Kournikova had better hang up her tiara for the foreseeable. Because it doesn’t sound like Enrique Iglesias is going to commit to anything more than an extended fling. The skinny little hunk told me last week at the Capital FM Summertime Ball: “Wedding plans? I’m not really thinking about marriage right now. It’s not that I don’t believe in marriage, it’s just that I’m having fun – which can mean a lot of things. You know, you can have a girl and f**k her around, and I don’t think that should be acceptable, but what I’m saying is that you can be with someone, have fun, and not have to be married. It’s 2009!”

Point made, Enrique!

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