Ciara talks about life on the road with Britney Spears

Posted by Dean Piper On June 9th, 2009

Ciara revealed all about life on the road with Britney Spears at the weekend’s fantastic Capital FM Summertime Ball. It doesn’t sound like Ciara got that close to the Princess of Pop. But it’s interesting all the same!

How is touring with Britney?
Oh, it was fun! We’re on show number 4 I think and the energy is amazing. Britney is a sweet girl and her production is crazy, so it’s really a lot of fun. I love coming to the UK and it seems more and fun every time I come!

What’s Britney like!?
Oh, she’s a sweetheart! And her production is just amazing, so I give it to her – she works a long set. She’s really cool, really sweet girl!

What was it like writhing around with [her ex] Justin Timberlake on the ‘Love, Sex, Magic’ video!?
It was fun! Justin’s really down to earth – one of those artists who when I look back years from now, will be one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with an actual artist. You know, he’s just really cool!

Justin or Enrique?
I can’t say! Both! Ha ha!

Anything funny happening on tour with Britney?
I’m sure there has. Oh, well I don’t know whether I want to tell you what goes on because I’ll give it away and you’ll know it’s me when I’m doing it – but maybe a little later I’ll tell you. The way it all goes down…it’s something hilarious.

Do you socialise with Britney after the show?

No, the first day, she came by and said ‘Hi’! But we’ve pretty much been getting on with the show. But we have said ‘hi’ and when I pass her I’m like ‘Hey Brit!’ so we’ve had those moments!

Has she given you any advice?
Oh no, we didn’t talk that much!

And before you go on stage, do you do any exercises? You both have amazing figures!
Thank you! I’ll be honest – I haven’t trained in so long, but what I do do is stretch. Definitely stretching. I sit there and do splits and hold for a few seconds. I listen to my music – my show music – and get into the mood, play around and have fun!

What about Britney?
I couldn’t even tell you!

What do you do to stay in shape?
It’s all about moderation – eating in moderation. I just try not to overeat when it comes to desserts and I try to go easy on the carbs because that’s where it really kicks the butt! Every day…Brownie, brownie, brownie, French fries, French fries, burger, burger! So I just try to cut down a little – if I’m getting ready for an Awards do or a video or photoshoot, I like to work out!

What kind of exercise do you do?
I train for like an hour. I do a little weight training and I do a little cardio – too much will make me go skinny!

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