Jordan picks a hunky model to take her mind off the divorce from Peter Andre!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 31st, 2009

There’s nothing like a pair of glistening biceps to keep your mind off a horrific divorce… So it comes as no surprise Katie Price homed in on a buff young male model this weekend.

My spies backstage at the Clothes Show London event at the Excel Centre tell me the glamour girl turned mum-of three went to extraordinary lengths to enjoy a little male company.

Step forward six-packed Storm model Anthony Lowther, 28, who was personally chosen by Katie to accompany her on to the red carpet for the Clothes Show Style Awards.

My source reveals: “The pair of them were flirting like mad backstage on Friday. She took one look at his body when she walked in and decided he was the model she wanted to be alongside. And of course he seemed flattered by the attention of a star like her. They spent most of their time backstage engrossed in conversation drinking pink champagne and swapped numbers.

“Anthony would flick the back of Jordan’s thigh to start her walking down the catwalk – she loved his cockiness and didn’t look like a lady barely through the initial stages of a divorce.”

Who knows, maybe Anthony is exactly what Katie needs. He’s pleasant on the eye and entrepreneurial, with a company called Dynamite Hosts offering male models to serve drinkies at parties.

Meanwhile relations between Katie and soon-to-be-ex husband Peter Andre have hit an all time low – she’s told him the only way to communicate with her now is through her mother.

She’s even demanded to inspect Peter’s new home before she’ll let the kids visit.

A source reveals: “Katie has gone from begging Pete to take her back to turning into the ex from Hell.”

There’s nothing amicable about this split, peeps!

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