Peaches Geldof talks Paris Hilton, why she went "high end" for Cannes and what she'll call her first baby!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 30th, 2009

Peaches Geldof was as hilarious as usual when we caught up for a natter at the launch of her Miss Ultimo campaign at Debenhams in Oxford Street this week. We talked about her body, what it was like stripping off for the campaign, Cannes, Paris Hilton and what she will be calling her first born child!

Were you comfortable being in your smalls on the set shooting the Ultimo campaign?
To be honest I wasn’t that comfortable. I was always running around naked on the shoot and that was fine – but I never would have worn a thong. It’s towards the cheeky young girl sort of look – it was for young girls so Michelle Mone (the head of Ultimo) didn’t envisage thongs and skimpy stuff. The bra’s are not cut to be hugely bust enhancing or anything too. When you are designing a range for young girls you need to be careful about it not being too sexualised and not being too safe too. I think it’s perfect.

It’s not as if you have to be nervous about your body at 20 years old!
Exactly! I wasn’t worried about showing off my body. I’m just 20 – so it’s not as if I have to worry about my body right now. There’s nothing sagging at this point and I don’t need to worry!

You were dressing far more high end in Cannes – a conscious move?
It was a premeditated move to step up the game with the fashion in Cannes. I love the grunge -so it was difficult. Courtney Love in the nineties is my pin-up. All those ripped tights and Doc Martens – I loved that look. That’s what I always look like so I wanted to step it up a notch. I was in Cavalli Couture and it was fitted and Dolce and Gabbana made a one-off dress for me too! I actually couldn’t believe they made me a dress. I really decided to go for it.

Has it tempted you to dress classier for your UK appearances?
If I’m going to events now then I think Cannes has inspired me to step up the game a lot more. I loved it. But don’t expect to see me in the street wearing a designer name. I’m always keeping it strictly grunge or goth. I’m more worried about my hair right now. I want to dye my hair red.”

I never imagined you’d be pals with Paris Hilton! How did that all come about?
I know it’s weird isn’t it? I never thought we’d be friends at all. I was surprised we got on so well.

You do like your trash though….(Peaches has always been a fan of Kerry Katona and Jordan)
Yes, I do love trash. But I don’t think Paris is trashy at all. I never thought she was a Kerry or a Jordan. I’m so devastated that they’ve split. It’s so sad – especially with the kids. Princess Tiaamii is my style guru – you heard it here first. She has a great name and great style. What is Tiaamii anyway? It’s Katie and Peter together. That’s great.

What would you name your kids – bearing in mind your name!
If it was a girl then I’d call her Starburst. Or maybe something Cherry. For a boy I like Tesla – after Nikola Tesla. Maybe for a girl’s name the name Milky Way Starburst would work. In fact – that’s what I’ll call my firstborn daughter.

Peaches’ Miss Ultimo range is out now.

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