Kendra from Girls of the Playboy Mansion sits down for a chat!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 30th, 2009

Now that Girls of the Playboy Mansion has finished it was obvious one of the girls would do a solo show! Step forward Kendra Wilkinson. She’s been filming non stop for the past few months for her self titled reality show with the E! Entertainment Channel! It’s absolutely hilarious like GOTPM and she’s a top chick. We had loads to talk about when we caught up in the library of London’s Soho Hotel. Weddings, keeping fit and whether she thinks Holly Madison will return to being Hugh Hefner’s Chief Girlfriend were all up for discussion! See below – enjoy!


How’s London, Kendra?
It’s great but I miss my dogs. I have two – a Welsh Corgi called Rascal and a Jack Russell terrier called Martini. They are so intelligent. I swear.

You are by yourself on this show – that must be weird after the success of Girls of the Playboy Mansion?
It’s so weird. I’m so used to having two other girls – and Hef. Having a group of people is a lot easier when you film a reality show – it takes a lot of stress off my back. It’s far easier doing a show with more girls. It’s a 23 minute show at the end of the day and people don’t realise you need hundreds of hours of footage to make the show watchable. I’m being filmed all day, every day for a couple of months. The show moments! There are times where I’m not in the mood and I had to bring my friends over. I’m in the process of changing who I am really – well, changing my ways. I’m being more conservative nopwadays and all I want to be is a wife nowadays. My wedding’s within a month now.

How much notice did you, Holly and Bridget have when you were told you wouldn’t be staying as Hef’s girlfriends?
Not a lot. It was literally overnight. It was faster than ever. I was first to go. I spoke to the other girls before and told them and then they went shortly after. Look, we were never best friends – we’re very close but we were not inseperable. We’re all very different. They will be my Bridesmaid’s at the wedding in a few weeks. And the wedding will be at the mansion.

That leads me on nicely. Tell me about the your wedding to American football star Hank Baskett next month….
It’s going to be at the Mansion – which in itself is going to be amazing. I’ve had full control over every detaisl and it’s going to be a classy affair. It won’t be a Playboy party that ends up getting out of hand. There’s a smaller guest list and everything too.

Has Hef given you his blessing?
Yes, he has given me his blessing. He’s not giving me away, my brother will be doing that, but he approves and he’s happy for me. Even though we’ve gone our own ways we stay in touch on the phone and everything. The wedding will end up being a one hour special on E! and I can’t wait for that day to arrive.

Have you had your final dress fitting?
I have the whole thing to sort out when I get home. I’ve loved travelling across Europe but I need to get the final fitting sorted when I get back. And I will be keeping my dress on the whole time – I won’t be stripping off for the party or anything. I will only be getting married once in my eyes so it’s going to be a fairy tale wedding. It’s going to be proper and traditional.

Do you find people have a preconceived misconception about you because you’ve been in Playboy?
Yes, totally. All you have to do is watch the show to see that I’m very sporty and I’m basically a Tom Boy when it comes to my day to day life. I want my image back – I’m not a bimbo or anything. I’m naturally growing up. I’m only 23 but I’ve done my partying. I’m 24 on June 12th. I’m thrilled that Hef loves Hank – he absolutely loves him.

Would you ever go back to the mansion as a Girlfriend again?
No way, that chapters closed in my life. It’s over. Now I’m onto the next chapter. I want to be married and settle down. The best thing on the show was learning business, management and mneeting some incredible people.

What do you miss most about the mansion?
The girls, Hef and the food. The food was always amazing! There was always a nice spread.

Do you want to have babies?
We’re definitely thinking about that right now actaully. We’d like to have kids very soon. I’m going to get working on that and who knows, I might come back knocked up. Ha ha. We’re going to keep doing what we do and enjoy our marriage.

Do you think Holly will ever go back to Hef?
Oh no, they’re sealed, through and done. We all love Hef and go back and see him all the time. It was hard at first, if I’m honest. It was even worse for us girls knowing we’d been replaced real quick. That’s what Hef does – that’s his world. We were replaced phsically but far from replaced mentally. He’ll always remember us. We’re a chapter in his life now.

How do you stay fit?
I play sports. I play tennis, soccer, softball and golf a lot. We go hiking an awful lot. I horseback ride there too. My ass killed afterwards though. I literally walked funny for days after. It was bad. I’m a very active person and at my age right now I don’t need to worry that much!

And the diet???
I don’t stick to a strict diet. If I want chips and dips then I do it – there’s nothing I don’t eat, except seafood. I can’t stand seafood of any kind. It tastes horrible. Being healthy is common sense. If you eat less then you weigh less. It’s obvious. You need to be able to have chips in your life – but just eat a couple – not the whole bag.

Would you consider surgery nowadays?
I’m going to try and age gracefully. I don’t want to look like some Hollywood weirdo. Hank and I are not people that like Hollywood anyway. We like our private life.

You don’t want to be tumbling out of a club like Lindsay Lohan?

No way! I did that years ago before the cameras were following me. I don’t want to return to that. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a burst of energy one day.

Kendra, starts on Sunday June 14th at 10pm on E! Entertainment Television.

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