Sugababe Heidi Range gets stuck in a lift at Mark Ronson's studio in New York

Posted by Dean Piper On May 24th, 2009

Poor Sugababe Heidi Range! She’s not a fan of small spaces to begin with and she was freaked out big time yesterday when she managed to get stuck in a lift for three hours!

The girls were busy working on their 7th album in New York at Mark Ronson’s plush studio with producers Rock Nation when the cute blonde managed to get stuck on route to lay down her vocals!

A source reveals: “Heidi was just going up to the studio when the lift stalled and she became trapped. She managed to raise the alarm but there was nothing they could do to get the lift working. So she was completely stuck. In the end the girls’ manager Mark Hargreaves had to climb down the lift shaft and literally rescue the terrified Babe.”

It was always going to happen to Heidi, bless her!

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