Soho House Grey Goose bash wins my party prize in Cannes!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 20th, 2009

My last adventure in Cannes was an extra special party. I trotted along to the Soho House Grey Goose Vodka party at the incredible Chateau de La Napoule. It was a truly spectacular event and it was like being in a medieval castle of some sort! But obviously far trendier!
The stars were out in full force too – Quentin Tarantino seemed a little off and refused to have snaps taken of him inside, young emerging actor Sam Riley oozed of first degree hunk, Paula Patton went pretty much unnoticed as she kissed and cuddled a gentleman friend, Elizabeth Banks sparkled in beautiful jewels and Robin Wright-Penn made yet another appearance out on the town!
Robin really takes the award for party girl of Cannes as far as I’m concerned. She was heading out every single night with her gaggle of girls to protect her – after all she’s only just announced she’s divorcing Sean Penn!
The food at the Grey Goose bash was what really made it though. Suckling pig roasted on an open fire were carried through for peckish guests at 1am, live lobster and crab were cooked on the spot and the dessert area forced everybody who walked past to stop and shovel a profiterole into their mouths! Including me! Eeeek.

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