Peaches and Paris turn out for Glaceau vitaminwater and Quintessentially bash in Cannes

Posted by Dean Piper On May 18th, 2009


It certainly seems the place to be in Cannes is the Glaceau vitaminwater’s La Plage. Both Paris Hilton (and her man bag Doug Reinhardt from The Hills) and Peaches Geldof graced the Quintessentially bash with their presence last night and both looked rocking. I have to say I think Peaches truly killed it with her little look. Goth chic always works for that girl….

I caught up with the face of Ultimo lingerie last week and we were laughing about her appearance in a Pam Hogg figure hugging cat suit. She told me: “I was just pleased there wasn’t any camel’s hoof in the shots that were taken. Especially considering it made the front of one paper. Could you imagine.” I actually could – and it wouldn’t have been good!

One thing I do respect about Peaches is her own self-imposed booze ban. She’s not had a drop of alcohol for six months. She adds: “I don’t drink – I say I’m straight edged nowadays. People always think I’m tumbling out of clubs – but it’s just not the case.”

Also…..just to clear up reports that she’s going out with a new guy called Matt…..she’s not. She did actually set up Matt with another girl – despite pictures of her giving him a cheeky quick pash. Peaches is single – but going out on dates!

Oh, by the way – other stars at the vitaminwater bash included Hollywood heavy weights Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Weinstein and Kristin Scott Thomas.

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