Dannii has NOT signed her contract to return to X Factor….yet!

Posted by Dean Piper On May 5th, 2009

Dannii Minogue was thought to have been returning to the UK from Australia any day now to prepare for when X Factor starts filming on June 8th. But it seems there’s been a slight change of plan….

Despite having her X factor contract on the table from execs at the show…..she’s yet to sign it. She’s just not sure she wants to put up the rumour mill etc this time around. A source tells me: “Dannii had a tough ride last year. Cheryl Cole was brought in – which was a real kick in the teeth. She became the token ‘baddie’ of the show in the media despite there not being a problem behind the scenes. Dannii loves Cheryl but hates the fact she was made out to be the baddie by Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. It felt like it was the world against Dannii last season – and Louis was particularly nasty throughout the series to Dannii.

“She doesn’t want that to happen again – and won’t put up with it. This time around she has a boyfriend too (Kris Smith) that she’s blissfully happy with and she’s not sure she wants to commit to so much work. It will mean she has far less time to spend with him.”

I really hope Dannii bites the bullet and comes back to the show – she’s a huge part of the singer’s development behind the scenes and knows miles more than Cheryl does about the industry from her 20 years experience as a star.

Sign it, Dannii! The show needs you, in my opinion!


Dannii told reporters on the red carpet at the Aussie LOGIE Awards that she was “still deciding” whether to sign up for the show. She said: “I need a holiday, then I’ll decide.”

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  1. Jamie Says:

    I hope that Dannii does return to the show, she is the best mentor and judge on the panel.

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