The goss on Sienna Miller, Caprice, James Blunt and Sadie Frost!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 23rd, 2009

Sienna Miller makes me laugh – the actress was in the Groucho Club in Soho last week and smuggled a big jar of caviar in for her and her buddies to nibble on! My mole reveals: “Sienna had been to an event earlier and swiped a huge tub of pricey caviar and persuaded the club to let her tuck in. She got a spoon and was feeding everyone and anyone that fancied a mouthful.” Fish breath or what!

Sad news for glamour girl turned lingerie designer Caprice Bourret. She’s split with her long time lover John Hitchcox and moved out of their shared pad in Notting Hill. A source told me: “She’s gutted and thought it would end up being a lifelong relationship. She was even hoping to have kids and marriage.” Keep your chin up, girl

Singer James Blunt’s got a hot new girlfriend after splitting with artist and model Natasha Archdale. A pal says: “She’s a beautiful girl and they met recently in Ibiza where James has a house.” Good for him.

I hear Sadie Frost is doing well nowadays thanks to quitting the grog for the time being. Works her main priority right now. My sources tell me she’s agreed to take the brilliant Zoe Lewis written play Touched for the Very First Time (about a girl growing up with the music of Madonna) to Manchester for a limited run in a theatre up there. There’s just no stopping Sadie now. It’s great she’s stopped the late nights out and is focused on her acting right now!

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