FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2009 – Cheryl Cole's Number One!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 23rd, 2009

Is there anything that Cheryl Cole can do right nowadays? Erm, it doesn’t seem so. The Girls Aloud star has come out top in the annual FHM 100 Sexiest List. It’s no real surprise I guess. What is a surprise is the remainder of the ladies in the top 10.

Britney Spears came in at Number 4…..have the guys voting seen the train wreck over the last few years? I guess they like it dirty!

Anna Friel was another surprise re-entry into the top 10. The success of Pushing Daisies must have helped her on. Either that or people are still remembering that infamous lesbian kiss in Brookside! Here’s the top 10 for you to see – get the mag from newstands for the full 100!

1.Cheryl Cole (last year 7)

2.Megan Fox (1)

3.Jessica Alba (2)

4.Britney Spears (31)

5.Keeley Hazell (3)

6.Adriana Lima (21)

7.Elisha Cuthbert (4)

8.Kristin Kreuk (48)

9. Anna Friel (re-entry)

10. Freida Pinto (new entry)

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