The stars of the new Star Trek film talk to me at the London Premiere

Posted by Dean Piper On April 21st, 2009


I had a blast down at the London Star Trek film premiere last night. Apparantly the flick is a big HIT! Jonathan Ross has been raving about it on Twitter. As well as the main cast the likes of Tom Chambers and Camilla Dallerup, Top Gear boys James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, Lorraine Kelly and Thierry Henry’s ex Claire Merry were all there too.

I caught up with all the stars on the blue carpet! Have a butcher’s at what they all had to say below! Enjoy!

John Cho (second on the right) plays Hikaru Sulu…….
What was it like filming the movie?
I loved filming the movie and I think it was a pleasure working with this cast. I think I actually made some lifetime friends on this one. We entered this experience full of excitement and it’s great to work with a director (JJ Abrams) in the prime of his career.
Did you get any input from George Takei on the role?
Yes, we had lunch and talked before I started filming. He said: “Gone, feel good and go forward.” Pretty soon they’re gonna call me the old guy that played John Cho. He didn’t come to set but he was a great guy.

Eric Bana plays Nero……
Did you do a lot of research for your role in Star Trek?
A little bit but it wasn’t a part where I had to do a load of research. It was more of a ‘get on with it’ job.
Did you watch it?
I grew up with this TV show in Australia and it was my port of reference for the film. It’s a huge thrill to turn up in a movie where you play a villain that hasn’t been seen before!
What do you think of the other cast recreating the infamous roles?
I think they’ve done an amazing job of taking the characters on and stamping their authority all over it!
What do you have next?

I working on Time Traveler’s Wife with Rachel McAdams. That’s my next movie.

Zoe Saldana plays Nyota Uhura…….
How does it feel to be the sci-fi pin up after this role?
Oh my God, I like that idea! Ha ha!
You have a lot of sci-fi movies coming out – do you think you are the new sci-fi Queen?
My mum’s laughing and calls me the sci-fi queen. I was raised with Sci-fi shows in my life and I was a complete sci-fi geek and I feel incredibly privileged to be in the world of sci-fi.
Were you a fan of the show growing up?
My mother was always a fan – but I’m a little too young and was more of the Star Wars generation. So when I worked on The Terminal with Steven Spielberg and I played a trekkie I seriously got into it so it was great research!
What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
Well firstly as far as I’m concerned being a geek has always been in and cool! I was once asked if I would sing a karaoke contest in Cling-On. I didn’t do it. But that would have been pretty geeky! You can go on Youtube and there are people singing karaoke in Cling-On. I would feel so awkward singing in English – I can’t sing!

Heroes star Zachary Quinto (above right) plays Spock…..
What’s Spock like in this film?
This generation of Spock is going through a more unsettled phase. He’s not as comfortable with the duality within him. He’s striggling to define himself and feels drawn to his father and the Vulcan way and he feels the stirrings of his human side and his relationship to his mother.
How did it feel to take on such an iconic role?
It was an incredible honour. With the love and support of Leonard Nimoy (who played the original character) it made it a real experience.
Did Leonard help you with the role on set?
Not on set – but he gave me advice and gave me completely creative control of the role. It was all appropriate and beneficial to the role.
Do you want to play Spock again?
We’ve all signed up as a cast for three movies. So if there is another version of it then we will all be involved!

Simon Pegg plays Scotty……
How did it feel to taking on such an iconic role?

It was amazing to take on the role. It was amazing to realise what an opportunity I’d been given with the role. It was crazy!
What elements did you try and bring to the Scotty role?
I wanted to make sure that he could relate to a new generation. He’s more loyal and the way he looks so alike is humorous.

Chris Pine (above) plays Captain James T. Kirk…….
How does it feel being a sex symbol?
It’s, er, sweet and, er, I’m blushing.
How was shooting the film?
It was hot – those outfits were hot to wear. On my first day I had a fight scene to do and I was sweating like mad. I chose to wear a woolly suit today – wrong choice on a warm summers day!
Trekkies are mostly described as geeks – what’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
Erm, I guess I like crossword puzzles. That’s marginally geeky right? That’s a positive thing in my eye.
Do you get geeky fan mail or sexy fan mail?

No and no. I mean, we got some weird fan mail on set – one guy wrote a letter to us all and claimed to be the lovechild between a female character and Spock. That was weird!

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