Vernon Kay's not a fan of Jack Black…..

Posted by Dean Piper On April 20th, 2009

Vernon Kay is such an easy gent to get on with. So I have no idea how he finds it hard to get on with anyone. But one Hollywood star got right on his nerves! He tells me: “Jack Black was a pain in the derriere – I interviewed him for Shallow Hal, Rock Skool and King Kong. He just wasn’t funny and was arrogant. Maybe he was ill or something – but maybe it was the first or last interview and he was grumpy. I can’t even watch his films now.” Such a shame!

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  1. Gerard Says:

    Or maybe it was because Vern couldn’t remember the name of School Of Rock? Seriously, Rock Skool? Though to be honest, JB creeps me out quite a bit too.

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