Behind the scenes at Emmerdale with the lovely Lucy Pargeter

Posted by Dean Piper On April 20th, 2009


“F*** it,” giggles Lucy Pargeter as she arrives in the Emmerdale canteen before shooting her scenes. “I’ll have two sugars in this tea.”

The brunette actress, who’s been in the show since 2002, is the life and soul of the Emmerdale party. But being a soap actress isn’t quite as glamorous as you would think – she’s struggling with the credit crunch like the rest of us! She says: “I have got 56 items of clothing that I want to get onto eBay this week. That’s the priority. Because I haven’t been working much and I’m going on holiday and there’s a credit crunch so I’m skint!”

In fact the credit crunch has even put paid to plans to expand her brood with her Leeds United coach fiance Rudi Coleano – they have a four-year-old daughter called Lola. “If I have the time then I would love to have more kids,” she says. “But it’s a logistical thing too. I was lucky first time around because Rudi stayed at home for the first year and I went back to work after three months. So he stayed at home and brought her up until she was old enough to go off to nursery. If we had more then I don’t know what we would do. I couldn’t afford a full time nanny and Rudy’s coaching has taken off really well now. If it happens then we would cope!”

Lucy’s happy as larry being part of the soap, that’s been running since 1972, and hopes her character manages to stay in the show for as long as possible. She reveals: “I’m on a six month contract that runs out in December. Who knows they could kill me off before then! They might need a big Christmas storyline! I couldn’t believe that EastEnders killed off Danielle – that was an outrage! Ha ha. They should have killed her off when she’d met her mother.”


She also admits she’s got a gym membership but doesn’t have time to use it. “I don’t work out at all,” she admits. ”And I’m not ‘lucky’ – if I eat too much I balloon. I did join a gym in January but I haven’t been going – I did it for two weeks. The snow came and I couldn’t get up the hill to get there and I never went back. Life’s too short to spend it in the gym – that’s what a surgeon’s for!”
She freely admits to being a fan of a pin prick from time to time too! “I love botox,” she beams. “Not a lot – but it’s good for now and again. I get it every six or seven months. I can’t get too much because my face won’t move and as an actress that isn’t good! I’m 32 – so I’m just into botox territory.”

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