Kirsty Gallacher talks about enjoying childbirth and her hardcore workout routines!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 14th, 2009


Some celebrities are just fortunate when it comes to maintaining their figures, but television presenter Kirsty Gallacher has to work hard to maintain her enviable curves.
The star told me last week: “I’m not one of those people that are just blessed. I work reasonably hard for this body and I can’t just lay back and relax. I’m into my fitness and it does make me laugh that people still think they can go on a treadmill for 40 minutes and everything will change. You need to do more than that. You have got to keep your body guessing and push the boundaries all the time.
“I do three sessions a week and I do two sessions of weight training. Heavy weights. Talking 8-9kgs and lots of reps. My working out is very hardcore and I often feel extremely sick. I gage my work out sessions on whether I feel sick after. If I feel sick then it was a great session.”
Kirsty, 33, who’s been dating rugby star Paul Sampson, 31, for four years and gave birth to their son Oscar in December 2006, reveals she’s only just getting her body back to normal after giving birth to their boy. She says: “My pre-baby figure has only just come back stomach wise. He’s nearly two and a half now and they do say it takes 18 months for stomachs to get back to normal anyhow – but mine has taken longer. My bust has gone down a lot since having him. It happened to my mum – after she breast fed her breast area reduced. They’ve got a bit smaller.
“I never say never but for me I won’t get a boob job yet. I’m too frightened right now. I hope that in the future there’ll be an advancement in the process so it won’t be that sore!”
One phrase the TV star swears by is ‘no pain, no gain’ – she even enjoyed childbirth! She says: “I had the most amazing experience with the birth. It was fantastic. I was enduced and had an epidural in the end but I did hold off as long as I could. Childbirth was agonisingly painful but I enjoyed it. It’s hard work but the good you get out of the pain is worth it. Even now I’m always broody. Being through childbirth once hasn’t put me off having another child at all.”
But Kirsty does hope her next pregnancy will be slightly easier – she was sick as a dog throughout the 9 months first time around. “I was incredibly ill throughout my pregnancy first time around but it hasn’t put me off,” she adds. “I was sick throughout, craving cheese and hamburgers all the time and I used to carry dog poo bags in my bag to be sick in.
“I’m praying this time I won’t be sick but my mum was sick with all of us – and I’m sure I’ll be sick again. Pregnancy was like a hangover every day for me.”
The brunette has just finished working on the new series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away and is hoping to venture into the style and fashion world of TV with her next work. But before getting into a big TV series, she’s hoping to get plans to wed her London Welsh rugby star boyfriend Paul. She giggles: “We’d love to get married. But I think I’ll have to start pressurising him soon. It’s been a hard few years. He lost his father four years ago, then there was rugby stuff going on when he changed clubs from Wasps and then Oscar came along as an accident – albeit a good one. I’d plan the next baby if I’m lucky enough to get pregnant again – but I’d love to get married.”

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