Office star Mackenzie Crook wants to be Bond!

Posted by Dean Piper On April 6th, 2009

Mackenzie Crook doesn’t see why he can’t be the next Bond – despite always playing the geek! “Why do people always ask if I want to be a bond villain?,” he droned on at the Empire Awards last week. “Why can’t I be Bond? No, I would rather be a villain. Absolutely, if I got a phone call I would definitely do Bond!
“I haven’t watched Bond my whole life for nothing. I’ve just been working with Daniel Craig so I watched the last two. I’m a bit baffled by it all but it’s incredible stuff.”
He also revealed that even though Johnny Depp has reportedly signed up for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie he has yet to be asked. He added: “I don’t know how far along it is. I’m up for it if I’m asked. I couldn’t imagine them going off and doing another one without being involved in it so if it came about I would do it.” Good luck Macca!

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