Jason Gardiner slags off Dancing on Ice winner Ray Quinn…..

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2009

Jason Gardiner doesn’t, er, mince his words! The evil Dancing on Ice judge was on particularly catty form as he talked about Ray Quinn bagging the lead role in Grease playing Danny Zucco on the West End. Speaking at the gala performance of the fabulous new Priscilla: Queen of the Desert production at the Cambridge Theatre Jason told me: “I said Ray was a munchkin because he is going to be a very small Danny in Grease. On a casting level I can’t understand how you would cast somebody of his stature as Danny in Grease. I just don’t understand it.” Jason also revealed he’s recording an album with his new pop band White Knights. He added: “Our new single’s called Love Rat. It’s a little bit more highbrow than a disco bunny track. I’ve always been into music.” Hmmmm – sounds extremely highbrow…..not!

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