Are Liz Hurley and Arun on the rocks?

Posted by Dean Piper On March 31st, 2009

My sources tell me all is far from well in the marriage of Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayer.

In fact they tell me that Arun’s nearing the end of his tether after just three years of marriage. My spy says: “Arun thinks she’s too bossy and domineering and he’s literally had enough of it and is through with trying to patch things up and make things work. He just can’t bare the stress of the marriage anymore.”

The source adds the pair had a blazing row at a dinner just after Christmas. “Arun was very vocal at the dinner,” adds my source. “Liz went to the loo and he said: ‘If that woman tells me what to do once more then I’m leaving.”” It sounds like this union is on the speed boat to divorce-ville! Real shame…..

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