Julia Roberts talks about taking to the West End and keeping her feet on the ground!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 11th, 2009


It was awesome meeting Hollywood Legend Julia Roberts last night in Leicester Square at the World Premiere of Duplicity – her new flick with Clive Owen. In real life she’s simply stunning, charming and kinda sexy.

I also loved the way that she was running a few minutes late and wouldn’t come over to talk to the press until she’d got a flunky to grab her a nice cool glass of champagne! There’s a touch of Diva-ness in there too! Here’s how our conversation went!

What’s your grooming regime like? Does it take you long to look as fabulous as this?
Oh, daaarling. I tried on three different outfits to come down here tonight. Three whole different looks. But I chose this suit in the end.

And we’ve gone for Dolce and Gabbana I see….
Yes we have, nicely done you! I love this suit.

Is it nerve wracking for you coming to a London Premiere?
Just terrifying, awful and it’s scary out there. But it’s nice.

How do you keep your life in check and maintain your privacy?
It’s surprisingly easy for me – I have good friends, good support and a very good husband.

Would you want to come and do something on the West End?
Well maybe when my kids are a bit bigger – it would be a big transplant for us now so we couldn’t yet. Maybe it will come – hey, a girl can dream.

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