EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jordan and Peter tell me about LA, training for the marathon and if they're coming back to the UK!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 11th, 2009

I caught up with Jordan and Peter Andre recently. Here’s what they had to say in LA at the Elton John AIDS Foundation party at the Oscars!! They sound happy out there!

What are you working on out in LA?
Peter Andre: We’re filming the reality show here and I’m recording an album here. So it’s all go out here but we absolutely love it here.

How long are you in LA?

Jordan: We’re here for three months and then we’re back for six weeks and then we are back again. We’re both training for the marathon in April in London and we’re up to 13 miles so far.
Peter: We still have a long way to go but we’re getting there.
Jordan: I’m absolutely loving running on Malibu beach – it’s fantastic. But I’m not eating healthily. I love my burgers and I’m the most unhealthiest person ever.
Peter: And look how she looks – you’d never tell!
Jordan: If I can’t lose weight a certain way then I’ll just get it sucked out.

Are you enjoying living in America then?
Peter: It unbelievable living in LA.
Jordan: It’s fantastic in America. What I find over here is that people are celebrated as celebrities – whereas in England people just want to knock you down..
Peter: England’s been good too – but it’s different out here.

What do you most love about living in LA?
Jordan: I like the fact I can just go and get botox and fillers really easily and get my hair done nice.
Peter: I like getting coffee all the time. We compliment each other because we like different aspects of LA.

What A-Listers are you hanging out with?
Jordan: We’re not here to hang out with stars – we’re here to film our documentary and be with our family. We’re just ourselves. I know we’re here at Elton’s tonight. But we’re here to do our reality show and to enjoy the life.
Peter: We’re focused on the family and recording my album in the studio – it’s all go.

Would you live in Los Angeles permanently?
Peter: Only because it’s closer to Australia here than England  – that’s important to me.
Jordan: We’ve also found a brilliant school for Harvey here that’s working so well. So that’s a benefit to living here. I’ve also flown my horse out here so I’ve been riding. It’s going really well out here.

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