Clive Owen gushes about co-star Julia Roberts!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 11th, 2009

2009_duplicity_005Clive Owen is one hot piece of man in real life. Suave, sophisticated and sexy. But the star of Duplicity seems to be more than smitten on his co-star Julia Roberts.

At the premiere last night I asked him what he thought of the Pretty Woman star and he gushed: “She’s stunningly beautiful, incredibly smart. A clever girl and very good actress. She’s a brilliantly skilled actress and brilliantly deceptive as an actress too – she makes it look so easy. She has a God given talent. She’s a very brilliant talent.” Geez, calm it Clive!

The actor even admitted he waited for a year to make this flick with Julia – due to her last pregnancy. “I read the script for this movie and loved it but by then she was pregnant and we had to wait for a year,” he added.

Clive was also asked if he’s learnt anything from Julia through working with her. He continued: “That she’s a brilliant hands on mother and she copes so well with it all. I always try and make sure if I make a movie that takes me away for a considerable amount of time then I take downtime after and hang with the wife and the kids.”

So what’s next for Mr Owen – in short, not that much. “Well, I’ve finished a movie in Australia called The Boys Are Back that should be out later this year,” he said. “And I have no idea what I’m doing next – I haven’t found anything yet.”

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