Keira Knightley's man Rupert Friend cracks a joke!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 9th, 2009

Shock horror. Rupert Friend made a joke and laughed at the premiere of The Young Victoria! The actor, who usually looks as if he’s chewing on a wasp when out on the red carpet, chuckled away when he was asked which ‘Prince’ he would be if not Prince Albert – who he plays in the flick. He replied: “I’d have to be the artist formerly known as Prince. But I’d have to take my shoes off to play him as he’s a lot shorter than me.” He even made a second joke too about the rainy weather. The star, who dates Keira Knightley, said: “It’s very wet out here tonight. It reminds me of slipping over on a cowpat during the filming. It wasn’t pretty.” I like this new fun Rupert!

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