A note on Prince Harry and his 'new blonde'…..

Posted by Dean Piper On March 9th, 2009

So the News of the World had a big story at the weekend about Prince Harry and his ‘new blonde’ Astrid Harbord.

I know the lovely Astrid so I thought I’d drop a note on here. I hear it’s a typical “they are sat next to each other so must be shagging story”. Astrid knows Harry’s ex Chelsy Davy and Kate Middleton well and the last thing she’d be doing is bonking Harry! They were simply enjoying a pretty wild night out of boozing and clubbing at the Kings Road nightclub Raffles.

A source tells me: “Prince Harry and Astrid are not together and there was nothing going on during Friday nights adventures. She’s finding the whole situation completely bizarre and is bemused by the fact she’s been plastered all over the newspapers.”

So let’s all calm ourselves – Astrid and Harry are far from the new Royal couple!

3 Responses to “A note on Prince Harry and his 'new blonde'…..”

  1. beach babe Says:

    Thank you for giving us the truth on the situation Dean.

  2. Hale Says:

    It’s okay Dean, none of us guy’s on the Royal Forums took this one seriously. It is what it is. Harry is just using her for sex, yeh? Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. g Says:

    Thanks Dean, I hope Astrid is ok.

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