Dannii Minogue to sign within days to return to X Factor…..Hoorah!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 3rd, 2009


My favourite Australian pop diva, Dannii Minogue, is due to sign any day now to return as a judge for the 2009 edition of The X Factor. My mole reveals: “Contracts are being signed and negotiated within the next few days. Dannii’s over the moon to be returning!”

There’s been all sorts of rumours boundering around of late about Cheryl Cole “demanding that Dannii comes back or she would walk” and Simon wanting to ditch her. It’s all tosh! The truth of the matter is simple – Simon and the producers of the show always did want Dannii back on the show as soon as the final ended just before Christmas last year.

It’s great news – the current line-up of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii and Cheryl works just perfectly!

One person who won’t be returning to the show anytime soon is Sharon Osbourne – who felt the need to slag off Dannii yet again in an interview with Piers Morgan recently. Dannii’s obviously been asked to respond to Shazza’s snide comments and she responded via her blog saying writing an open letter which read:

Greetings from Australia

I have been informed that there has been a press conference in London for the launch of Piers Morgan’s new TV show (Piers Morgan’s Life Stories), where edited footage was shown of an interview he has done with Sharon Osbourne. I believe there are discussions about me in this interview and I have had many press requests to respond. I have not seen the footage, nor the TV show to be aired, so am not in a position to make any comment.

I have not seen Sharon since we last worked together in 2007.


Perfectly to the point – it’s been two years! Time to move on Mrs O!

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