Ugly Betty star Ashley Jensen is on detox…..

Posted by Dean Piper On March 2nd, 2009

Ugly Betty and Extras star Ashley Jensen has started her first detox after two years of living in Los Angeles. But whereas some young Hollywood stars starve themselves to be thin, Ashley’s decided to detox so she can enjoy drinking and eating more! Ashley told me recently: “I’ve started to not enjoy going out and having a meal and I’m not enjoying a glass of champagne anymore. Out here in LA everything on tap – food, drink, alcohol and nights out. And I stopped enjoying and appreciating it. So I’ve made some big changes.”

She also spoke about her decision to call time on her role in Channel 4’s Ugly Betty – but she’s glad she’s not been killed off. She said: “I’m still there and if I wanted I could have still been in it a lot more but I think it’s time I challenged myself professionally. They haven’t killed my character off and I will be back at some point. “You just can’t stay doing the same thing year after year and I want to try out some different roles. The last thing I wanted to do in Ugly Betty is start relaxing and just cruising in the role. It’s not good as an actor or as a person. I like the idea of a challenge now and I’m getting a lot of meetings organized.” Good luck to her.

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