Gordon Ramsay, er, poses up…..and chats to Jordan

Posted by Dean Piper On February 24th, 2009

dean-gordonGordon Ramsay is a funny bugger! He’s always cheeky to me – and once even dubbed me as looking like Conservative party leader David Cameron! Last night he took things a step further than ever before when we met at Elton’s Oscar’s bash in aid of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The foul mouthed, yet mild mannered, celebrity chef looked like he was auditioning for a Nightmare on Elm Street character in my snap. He looks like he has no eye balls! It’s creeeepy!

Gordon spent part of his evening last night talking to glamour girl Jordan – they spoke about marathon running. Jordan was asking advice to Gordon – who run umpteen marathons over the years. I do hope that Victoria Beckham didn’t catch Gordon and wife Tana (Victoria’s close friend) talking to Jordan. Posh and Jordan have been sworn enemies for many years now – and she wouldn’t have liked the fact Tana was mixing it up with Jordie!

Oh, and everyone’s talking about whether Jordan and Posh actually met last night. They definitely didn’t and were seated on opposite sides of the room! Clever Uncle Elton – he must have had a personally worked on that seating plan!

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