Elton's bash rocked – and we met Ben Stiller and Whoopi Goldberg!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 23rd, 2009

dean-benstillersiteI loved Ben Stiller at the Oscars tonight with his comedy take on Joaquin Phoenix. Well, when I met him at Elton John’s fabulous bash in Hollywood he’d removed all traces of that beard and was ready to party! Just check out Ben in this shot. He’s kinda skinny in real life!

But meeting Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg was a real treat at the exclusive bash. Whoopi, who’s hosted the Oscars before now, told me she was thrilled with Hugh Jackman’s skills at hosting the ceremony this year. She said: “Hugh was just perfect – and exactly what the Oscars needs. And who knew he could sing and dance like that! I, on the other hand, had to starve myself for days to get into that dress and feel far more comfortable wearing my slacks.” Whoopi was wearing Converse trainers and a flowy trousers and shirt combo. She also revealed she’d coming to London in two weeks time. She added: “I love it over there in London. I’m coming over and have a lot planned during my stay!” We can’t wait to have you, Whoopi!


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  1. beach babe Says:

    I think whoopie is the greatest. Dean I hope you cheered loud for Kate Winslet, she looked so elegant and very Grace Kelly like in style.
    Bring us all the Oscar happenings.

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