A message to the Royal brigade…..on Kate Middleton

Posted by Dean Piper On February 23rd, 2009

I’ve been reading all the comments on Kate Middleton from the story I posted about her partying at Raffles. She was there, she was having drinks and she’s just a normal girl.

I’m a showbiz journalist, I have connections everywhere around London and I’m literally informing you all about what I know.

Some of you have asked if Kate and Prince William have split. They are still very much together and enjoyed a weekend away with good friend Guy Pelly very recently.

I’m feeling there’s a lot of hate going around when it comes to Kate. She’s a twenty-something girl that happens to have fallen for a Prince. Her life’s already hard enough me thinks!

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  1. Q Says:

    it’s not Hate ,more than dissapointment that she seems to have no direction other than to party all the time.this girl is a royal freeloader .she will never carry her weight around like the queen .

  2. prissy Says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Dean. Don’t worry, there are many who also admire Ms. Middleton and understand that there’s more to this private person than what the papers show. We just don’t post on blogs and forums as much :) I wish her and William all the best.

  3. Sand Says:

    Q, you need to know that Kate could not have a job in the City. When she was working she was followed each day by the paps and they stayed outside the building all day, trying to get colleagues to comment on Kate. She is a private citizen and she works hard in the family firm. Bucklebury is about 5 miles from where I live. Kate is not a freeloader neither does she party any more than others of her age.

  4. g Says:

    Thank you so much Dean for your response.

    I hope Hollywood is treating you well, it is fun reading your blog. See Kate can lead to good things, the discovery of an honest, thruthful jounnalist who would answer his public.

    Kate has severe draw backs that can’t be overlooked, i just seriously wonder if they can be changed in the future given 6-7 years have already gone back.

    Thanks again Dean

    PS the hate that is circulating on the internet isn’t for Kate it is for those that would have a different opinion than others, I accept others have other opinions than I and I don’t go around ‘hating’ others for their opinions, I have other interests than following Stalin’s lead on that one.

  5. Alle Says:

    I’m disappointed in Kate because she is 27 and loves partying in the most unladylike manner and she has never found a job outside of family or friends. She’s too old to be getting so drunk and too old to be a freeloader.

  6. smathewc Says:

    It is hate and jealousy and envy by a bunch of women who don’t even know here but wish they were her. If the comments were purely based on altrustic motives, then they wouldn’t be so snarky. I think that Kate is doing what makes her happy and that’s just fine.

  7. Lala Says:

    I wish William and Kate all the best as well in their lives and with their relationship as well. Thanks for clearing that up for us Dean and letting us know the truth, that their relationship is still on and going strong.

    Hopefully, now that you’ve told us the real deal, some of these ‘hating’ people will “stop the hate” and “learn to appreciate” instead!

  8. Q Says:

    ohh now i should start worshipping her NOT

  9. Mel Says:

    If Kate’s going to be the Queen, all this dislike festering away by a section of the public is going to be a relevant issue. This is because it signifies that alot of her subjects aren’t going to respect her. What then?

  10. Lala Says:

    Q, I should hope you wouldn’t start worshipping Kate or any other human. It would be very strange and very sad for you. But knowing how to live and let live is a good thing.

  11. Janey Says:

    Apparently the public’s biggest problem with her is that she works for her parents. If Kate marries William she will be a longtime member of the Royal family by the time she becomes Queen, so I wouldn’t worry too much about her circumstances now.

    In the meantime, the relevant question is, what about Camilla, considering what the public thinks of her? That is a real problem.

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