The gossip on Kate Middleton and Kate Moss…..

Posted by Dean Piper On February 16th, 2009

I hear Kate Middleton went down a storm last Thursday evening at Raffles nightclub in Chelsea. The future wife of Prince William (OK, possibly the future wife) was completely out of control at the trendy club from what I hear! In the past I’ve seen Kate so blasted she’s lay on the floor and wriggled like a worm while a male friend did the conga over her….so I’m not surprised she was a little messy again! Amazingly Kate, who was with a group of girlfriends, managed to leave via the front door and escape being papped. A source said: “It was raining and Kate left via the front and the waiting paps missed her because the weather was so bad!” That Kate’s a master of disguise…..

Kate Moss is still rumoured to be joining the X-Factor in some capacity. A source tells me that Simon Cowell’s peeps are talking to the supermodel about being on the show as a Creative Director  – and transforming all the contestants  for a one-off episode of the X factor based purely on the style…..was Gok Wan not available? My source says: “The X Factor definitely wants Kate and it’s being discussed now. She’s apparently really good on camera but there’s scheduling difficulties right now. Kate’s got a lot of work coming up right now and she’s not sure she can throw the show into the mix.” How cool would it be to see Kate on the show

18 Responses to “The gossip on Kate Middleton and Kate Moss…..”

  1. Avner Eliyahu Romm Says:

    I guess it happenes to most people. nothing extraordinary.

  2. jane Says:

    Kate Middleton is past her sell by date in the relationship with Pr. William.
    She really needs to move on. She sounds more and more like she is not suitable for Princess.

  3. G's Says:

    Ok so word on the street is that W & K actually broke up as much as 6 months ago….
    maybe it isnt’ that long but everyone is saying it. Dean is it true?

  4. Q Says:

    I tooo have heard lots of rumors that they have actually broken up.Why they are not making announcement is anyones guess.Cudos to the gossip guru that breaks the news..
    Many times Miss Middleton has proved to be not suitable to be a princess.I am waiting with bated breath for the good news of the breakup ,and that William is finally free of this troubled freeloader.
    I suspect when they do announce the breakup the new book will be called “Princess Doolittle the rise ,and fall of a Royal wanabee”

  5. brenda Says:

    Yea, I’m thinking they are broken up. No pics lately together and this is the same kind of behavior she displayed last time they broke it off. The paps aren’t even putting up pics of her. Come on Dean, you can find out for us. Something’s up. This is the first time anyone has seen her since Christmas and no pap got a picture?? Really?? Or are the paps deciding when to let go of pics? Me thinks Waity Kate is no more the future “wife”.

  6. Lala Says:

    So what did Kate Middleton do that was so out of control last week? You aren’t really telling us anything, just saying that Kate managed to get past the paps without getting snapped by their cameras.

  7. Patti Says:

    We are waiting to hear more about this behavior display with photos of an “out of control kate”. A Princess out of control is not what the Royal Family needs.

  8. JD Says:

    Interesting story on Kate Middleton, Dean. I’m hearing rumours of a split as well. Would be interesting to know what is actually going on in her world right now.

  9. Karagosis Says:

    You were not even there. I love Kate, leave her alone.

  10. Anegelbaby Says:

    G’ baby, denial is not just a river in Egypt

    William & Kate were made for each other, soooo get over it.

  11. Rasta Watermelon Says:

    Ya! that’s right, you tell ‘em angelbaby. I am legion, we are many.

    Kate for Queen of England

  12. B Karagiosis Says:

    Actually Dean, you should be made aware, that those people posting above, belong to a forum called Royal Truth. Its a forum you wouldn’t want your children to look at. Their exist to; defame, defile and denigrate Kate Middleton. They insinuate in their postings, that when W & K are papped together, the relationship is a sham, and truth is Kate is seeing someone else. However, because William & Kate haven’t been seen together since they arrived back from Birkhill, the it is proof the relationship has ended.

    Do you not think you owe it to the possible future Queen of England, to remove the above comments.

  13. LL7 Says:

    I love Kate sooooo much.

  14. Therealroyal Says:

    B Karigiosis, have you taken your meds today?

    I for one would like the truth, whatever that is, and Dean knows it and i hope he breaks the news!!!!!!! Go Dean Go!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jez Says:

    What a shame that some people have turned this blog in to a battleground sounds like they all need removing. Interesting articles Dean looking forward to hearing some more.

  16. Q Says:

    who removed my post? all I said about Kate is fact.she is no role model for the future of the UK

  17. Павел Says:

    Я конечно в этом не особо разбираюсь, но после вашей статьи стал гораздо больше понимать. Респект :)

  18. cheval mirrors Says:

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