Dannii Minogue starts blogging…….

Posted by Dean Piper On February 12th, 2009


For the last few months I’ve been thrilled to work with Dannii Minogue on her Closer Magazine column in the UK. In fact, I’ve known the Aussie star for eight years or so now. We’ve partied in Ibiza, walked down many a red carpet and sipped lychee martinis in LA!

Not only is she smart and sophisticated –she’s a great girl and has her feet firmly on the ground. It’s refreshing in the celebrity world nowadays!

Anyway, a couple of things…..

Firstly Dannii’s started a brilliant new blog (www.danniiminogueofficial.blogspot.com) where she’s going to be filling everyone in on her everything Dannii – hopefully including her return to X Factor later this year. Contracts are due to be signed for this year’s show any day now. Oh, and just because she’s not in the UK until the end of April doesn’t mean she’s not busy! She’s currently on the panel judging for the Number One Australian telly show Australia’s Got Talent.

Right now Dannii’s going through a tough time, like all Australians, with the devastating Bush fires on the outskirts of Melbourne. Over 300 people have died already. The star has spoken out about the awful fires and says: “It’s unbearable to think that people were trapped and unable to escape the deadly blazes. The loss of lives is devastating. I have family that live in the Dandenongs, so we are always worried for them. I have been to many of these beautiful country towns. It is hard to believe whole towns like Marysville are no longer there.”

“My thoughts go out to all the families affected by these devastating fires. I am awe struck by the bravery of the fire fighters and extended emergency services. The generosity of the local community is inspiring. There is an endless supply of love and support for everyone who has been affected by these terrible fires.”

Terribly sad…..

On the plus side – follow Dannii’s great new blog by clicking here!

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  1. Juicy Says:

    Lucky you!
    Yeah, she’s one hell of a lady

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