The Orange BAFTA Awards…..all the gossip!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 9th, 2009


I had a blast at last night’s Orange BAFTA Awards at London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. I was sat right above the glittering array of Hollywood superstars and literally 50 feet from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
It was the most amazing people watching of my life. The front row of the awards included Brad and Ange, Kylie Minogue and her manager Terry Blamey and Christian Slater and his girlfriend, Jimmy Choo head honcho, Tamara Mellon. Her face is kinda weird in real life…..I think something may have ‘gone on’ there!

It was hysterical when Christian got up and went over to say hello to Brangelina and left Tamara sitting there nervously looking on…..he didn’t even make an effort to introduce them to his missus….
But even more hysterical was when BAFTA competitors Kate Winslet and Angeline Jolie said hello. They were sitting just four feet away from each other but instead of getting up Jolie just gave a relaxed wave of her hand and turned straight back away from the British star. It was a frosty hello if ever I’ve seen one…

Kate, who brought her mother Sally and her dad Roger to the bash, seemed to be enjoying herself immensely by the end of the evening at the after party at Grosvenor House. She barged past me holding film guru Baz Bamigboye by the hand telling her friends: “She was off for a fag with Baz.” Hilariously movie boss Harvey Weinstein felt it necessary to warn Kate that Baz was a journalist and she snapped: “Don’t you think I already know that, Harvey. He’s a f***ing friend. We are going for a smoke.” Ouch. That told him.

The night was obviously a huge success for the Danny Boyle film Slumdog Millionaire – and quite right so. I caught up with the film’s star Dev Patel – who was so star struck at the bash. He told me: “I met Sharon Stone – how cool is that?” The former Skins star didn’t look miffed to have lost out to Hollywood hardman Mickey Rourke. In fact he couldn’t have been happier just to have been nominated alongside him. He’ll go far, that one.


I also met the gorgeous female lead from Slumdog, Freida Pinto. She was over the moon to be at the event and proudly told me her dress was Oscar De La Renta. It was the outfit everybody agreed was the top of the pile too….

Mickey Rourke was ready to party after winning his gong for Best Actor for his performance in The Wrestler. It’s real return to form and he looked ecstatic at the Soho House Grey Goose sponsored after party. He walked in with security and after briefly saying hi to supermodel Karolina Kurkova.

While all eyes and ears were on Ross for any swearing or gaffes during the transmission it was Mickey who turned the air blue with his Actor acceptance speech. He told the audience he had been “f****** up my career for 15 years”. He also paid tribute to co-star Marisa Tomei by saying she was brave to take her clothes off, adding: “I enjoyed looking at her.” I was cracking up watching his speech and it was all anybody talked about afterwards.

The surprise guest of the night was Twilight star Robert Pattinson who turned up around midnight wearing a scruffy jacket and jeans and a pair of fairly shiteous Nike Air trainers. It was a black tie dress code Robbie!

Fearne Cotton was on the red carpet covering the event for the Orange website and managed to talk to all the stars as they arrived. You can watch all of Fearne’s chats with the star at Bless Fearne, she was made up when after speaking to Mickey Rourke he said she was “hard core”. She is indeed Mickey!

I was especially pleased with the evening after Noel Clarke won the Orange Rising Star BAFTA. Having voted on the judging panel to whittle down the original 25 nominees to a final five to face the public vote, it was an extra special moment when he won. It was a very strong category this year – with Rebecca Hall, Toby Kebbell, Michael Cera and Michael Fassbender also on the short list. It was also great to meet Hayley Atwell at the after show bash. She’s a cool chick!

The real fright of the night was Sharon Stone’s scary appearance – she’s not half as fabulous looking close up. There were wrinkles a plenty! On the plus side she wore a fabulous Galliano gown – but it would have suited a 30-something year old actress a tad better. Her boobies were far too scrunched up for my liking.

It was easily the best night of the year……so far!

Pictures: With thanks to Jon Furniss 

11 Responses to “The Orange BAFTA Awards…..all the gossip!”

  1. UnintendedChoice Says:

    “a pair of fairly shiteous Nike Air trainers.” i love me some Rob Pattinson.. but seriously.. he’s gotta step it up if he’s gonna show at places like the BAFTAs!

  2. M Says:

    Yes, I spotted Rob there too. I wasn’t looking at his feet, I have to admit! He appeared to be wearing his outdoor coat (grey I think), rather than a jacket. A bit of a scruffy feel to his appearance (unshaven and tousled hair) but still handsome and with an entourage of friends with whom he flitted in and out of the Weinstein party!

  3. O Says:

    What I’d want to know is if it’s ture that Robert Pattinson was getting flirty with his ex-Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson. Oh, the gossip that would be if they hooked-up, don’t you think?

    Or was Emma’s attention stolen by Stormbreaker’s Alex Perryfer beacuse Rob looked like a hobo at the BAFTA after party? heheh

  4. rpattzdude Says:

    Thats why my man is diferent from other he got his own style to things like this haha loves to Rob

  5. Twilight Movies, Photos, Discussions and More Says:

    [...] reported that Robert Pattinson showed up at the Bafta awards underdressed. I don’t quite understand why he always has to be dressed like a bum in the same clothes, but hey, whatever, I really don’t care…so says: “The surprise guest of the night was Twilight star Robert Pattinson who turned up around midnight wearing a scruffy jacket and jeans and a pair of fairly sh*teous Nike Air trainers. It was a black tie dress code Robbie! [...]

  6. Baz B Says:

    Very impressive ,Dean.You don’t miss much!Keep it coming .Baz B

  7. Chris Says:

    So this Robert Pattinson is on every blog, every website, every magazine and is not loosing his stride. He seems to have gone from 15 minutes of fame a few years ago to a life times worth of it. I am genuinely excited to see what happens next, from what I have witnessed, he is extraordinarily talented.

  8. Chris Says:

    Oh, and did I mention he is absolutely gorgeous…..yummy.

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  11. Alphonso Kemmler Says:

    I love twilight! I may sit and watch all day long if I didn’t have school..or life to stay me from doing it! lol Amazing Simply Wonderful!

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