When we met Ronan Keating…….

Posted by Dean Piper On February 6th, 2009

Ronan Keating is celebrating an incredible 15 years with Boyzone in 2009. And I caught up with him yesterday at a swanky London location for chat about life on the road with the band, being a dad and what he’s planning in the near future.

The star lost his mother Marie to cancer over 10 years ago and has been working tirelessly ever since to raise money for a foundation to help people effected by cancer.The Marie Keating Foundation (www.mariekeating.ie) raises millions of pounds per year and helps relatives and families effected by the disease, educates people about the disease and throws hundreds of thousands of pounds into research too. He’s now releasing an album to coincide with Mother’s day called Songs For My Mother and it’s out to buy on 16th March – with all profit going to the charity.

Speaking about the charity Ronan told me: “Where as in the old days cancer didn’t affect absolutely everyone’s lives, it’s everywhere now. Each and every person is directly involved with cancer. Whether it’s through a family member, friends or even a celebrity in the news.“I’m in a very privileged position with what I do to be able to raise a lot of money and to raise awareness too.”

He also spoke of Jade Goody’s cancer battle too and said: “It’s heartbreaking what Jade’s going through – especially with those children. I just hope she stays strong and that something can be done for her.”

Ronan also told me about the future of Boyzone and, although he wouldn’t give much away, he did say the new album shall have a distinctly different pop feel to it. He said: “It’s going to be a pop album through and through – real pop. We’re not doing a Take That and trying to be Coldplay – we know who we are. We make great pop records. It’s probably more like Mika style wise. Big pop anthems! Stephen is getting extremely excited about it – it’s very him! The band is now in it for the long run – we’re not going anywhere.”I look forward to hearing the new sound.

In the meantime people, donations to the Marie Keating Foundation can be made at www.mariekeating.ie.

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